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XINGFOOD Bullet-Proof Mocha&Coffee

GB21733/tea beverage

• Applied the world's leading technology- pickering method (oil and water) to ensure the product stability.

• Product concept is based on the keton diet, adding nutritional and functional elements to boost product value.

Zhong Yun Group Sour Mare Milk Energy Drink

•Optimized the inherent astringency of raw materials by excellent formula design strategy. (mare milk etc.)

  • Completed the project in 60 days from concept design to product launch.

•Small batch bottling solutions

Weetabix Breakfast Beverage

•Formula localization solutions
•Optimized the high viscosity product production process
•Advanced non-transparent packaging solutions
•Developed shelf-life testing method to predict the shelf-life of the product


•Formula upgrading&optimization

•Unique Luminous labeling solutions

•Small batch bottling solutions

ZHA.Sir Hawthorn Sparkling Drink

•Contain 100% fruit juice

•No additives | No coloring |  No artificial flavourings

Products are sold in Family mart, Fresh Hema

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《饮料创业之旅攻略》 第二季


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Our Clients Say

Meiluo Founder Justin Li

"It is a great pleasure to work with Halmana Lab. Halmana is the best option if you already have a sound idea of your beverage project and you need a full-range support."

Gastronomist,Writer Susan Shu

"When I first met Halmana team, we were looking for the one-stop solution for our canned "Bullet-proof Coffee" project. We wanted to use the best raw ingredients to make a high-quality product with the best taste. We understood the product stability is not easy to achieve due to unstable oil emulsion. But Halmana Lab has accomplished this challenge outstandingly. Also in the follow-up development of bullet-proof matcha and some functional beverages, we have recieved many professional advice and help.Appreciated for meeting such an excellent team in the ultimate pursuit of products. We look forward to working with Halmana Lab to create more and more amazing products."

Founder of Dr.Hangover Hongbo Guo

"As a long-term business partner of Halmana Lab, we are lucky to have encountered such a professional and reliable team. With the help of Halmana Lab, we don't have to worry about too much on product development, production, supply chain and quality control management. As a brand, we can focus on expanding the market and building our brands."


"Enthusiasm and professionalism are our first impression for the Halmana Lab team! During the cooperation, we increasingly feel that Halmana team has always been a loyal companion and leader in the development of the food and beverage industry. Whether it is from market trends, formula design, supply chain solutions or project nanagement, Halmana lab can make beverage innovation dream real! "  

LAIBA Co-founder Lars Battefeld

”Halmana is a great support for our company. Their services are complimenting multiple areas for our business that we wouldn't be able to do our self. Great people, good service and I would recommend them to others anytime.“

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